Song of the Day - 5/3/06 (NATIONAL JOHN VANDERSLICE DAY)

Growing up in Florida and Georgia before moving to Potomac, MD, at the age of 11, indie rock innovator John Vanderslice grew up listening to a mix of Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Kinks, and Southern rock, which instilled an eclectic musical vocabulary. Forced into piano lessons as a child, he eventually picked up the guitar in the eighth grade and formed several bands during his teen years. His songwriting added influences from David Bowie, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, King Crimson, XTC, and early Genesis, culminating in his five-year tenure with the much-heralded experimental-pop band MK Ultra. Their collaboration produced three well-received albums and resulted in an opening spot on two Sunny Day Real Estate American tours. Vanderslice also started Tiny Telephone, a small recording studio, in 1997. Boasting a variety of respected and experienced house engineers, Tiny Telephone gained a reputation as an affordable recording outlet for San Francisco's indie rock community. It also produced Vanderslice's solo debut, Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, in 2000. The album drew a substantial amount of critical praise for its meticulously crafted pop-perfect sound. The prolific Vanderslice issued the Time Travel is Lonely and Life and Death of an American Fourtracker LPs over the next two years, and solidified his reputation as a literate, ever-curious songwriter and sonic technician. Cellar Door followed in 2004, and Pixel Revolt appeared year later. Maybe I'm on a John Vanderslice streak, but hey it's worth it.

This song appears on Cellar Door and it's awesome. Check it!

John Vanderslice - "They Won't Let Me Run"

3 Responses to “Song of the Day - 5/3/06 (NATIONAL JOHN VANDERSLICE DAY)”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i just recently got into him too. great artist, and everyone always talks about how sweet and down to earth he is. thanks for all the music!  

  2. # Blogger brownpower

    it's not stopping anytime soon!  

  3. # Blogger Ant

    I've been into this guy for a while its worth popping to The John Vanderslice website and checking out what he's got to listen to.

    Oh! and happy National John Vanderslice day people!  

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