Song of the Day - 5/4/06

Last summer I spent about a month in Chicago, the home town of Wilco. Unironically, this is when I really got into Wilco. I only had "A Ghost is Born" and only a few songs off of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." Once I realized that the Marina Buildings were the cover of that album, I decided to get the album. I really really really really enjoyed it. I felt like it was equivalent to an alternative country's "OK Computer." Then I bought Summerteeth, and then the Live CD in Chicago. Wilco is now one of my top favorite bands. This summer I will be seeing them with Andrew Bird and I'm pretty pyshced about Wilco in general and in this spirit I will post a rare live version of "Jesus, Etc." Instead of the strings, they use an organ and I think it still sounds pretty solid. I think that this one is better than the one on the Live in Chicago CD.

Wilco - Jesus, Etc. (Live)

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  1. # Anonymous Shiggs

    You know what is good. Thanks for this one, a true gem. Keep it up.  

  2. # Blogger brownpower

    You know what's good, playa'...  

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