Song of The Day - 5/1/06

Back in the day when I used to watch TV for 5 hours a day, there was a little show called the Adventures of Pete and Pete. Years later, after not regularly watching TV for 3 years, I had a strange craving for the shows that I used to watch on what is now called "Old School Nickelodeon." Oh, how I miss those days. Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, All That, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Salute your Shorts, and the ingenious and hilarious Adventures of Pete and Pete. When Brownpower downloaded an episode last year, I became really interested in the band that did the music for the show. They are called Polaris and I think their music is pretty good, considering every song they have done is for the show. I have about 10 songs, but I'll just post the theme song, "Hey Sandy."

Polaris - Hey Sandy (From The Adventures of Pete and Pete)

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