Sufjan Stevens - Michigan Outakes

Since I'm from Michigan, I feel it necessary (since there's going to be that huge Illinoise B-side CD coming out) that I provide you with some of Michigan's B-sides. Michigan was the first Sufjan CD that I heard. Ironically, I bought it in Chicago. Funny how it works out like that...but anyway, Sufjan really does capture the essence of Michigan in the CD. When I came home again I listened to it while driving around my hometown, I felt like he was really accurate. If you have ever been to Michigan you know what I mean. Here are some of the tracks that didn't make the final cut. All of these tracks are highly recommended.

Sufjan Stevens - Wolverine
Sufjan Stevens - Pickerel Lake
Sufjan Stevens - Marching Band
Sufjan Stevens - Niagra Falls
Sufjan Stevens - Presidents and Magistrates

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3 Responses to “Sufjan Stevens - Michigan Outakes”

  1. # Anonymous miro

    i really enjoy sufjan
    thank you for this post!  

  2. # Blogger bestimitationofmyself

    I enjoy him too, I enjoy him so much I want everyone to listen to as much as they can  

  3. # Blogger John Kenneth Cox

    I overdosed on Sufjan a month ago, but I took a break and now I am ready to overdose again. bring it....  

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