Only Son

Everyone once in a while, I'll be surfing blogs and I'll find a song or an artist and I will say to myself "HOLY CRAP! This is damn good!" I would first like to thank Indie Muse for allowing me to listen to this wonderful music.

"Only Son is the music of NYC based songwriter Jack Dishel. He has spent the majority of 2006 on the road opening for both Regina Spektor and Adam Green on their many tours of Europe, the UK and the United States. He will be opening solo for Regina Spektor once again this fall on her US tour before returning to NYC to play shows with his full band. Before creating Only Son, Jack was the frontman of NYC band Stipplicon as well as lead guitarist for The Moldy Peaches."
(from his website)

Jack Dishel remind me a lot of Islands/The Unicorns and Electric President, with a little bit of Ben Folds mixed in there. There's a good combination of guitar and electronic elements. I recommend listening to it right now.

MP3: Only Son - Sleepyface (recommended)

MP3: Only Son - Long Live the Future

MP3: Only Son - Quiet Surrender

Buy his stuff please

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