A song best heard in the dark...

You know those nights when you sit down with your head phones on in the dark and a song plays that really just blows your mind? I had one of those last night courtesy of mellow, shoegazing, dream-pop wonders, Low.

Everybody talks about Low and I never listened. Now I am sure they are one of my favorites. I haven't really listened enough to give you a good review, but don't expect this to be the last Low post from me either, they rock... in the most mellow way possible.

Song of the Day (and Night) - 9/29/06
MP3: Low - "July" from Things We Lost In The Fire

Buy Low music: Amazon | iTunes

Bonus MP3: Low - "Starfire" from Secret Name
Bonus MP3: Low - "Sea" from I Could Live In Hope

Other Stuff: Oh... and it's a wonderful to learn about good music from your own blog... thanks Dave, Brendan and most importantly, DOTY.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    July is one of those tracks that don't work all the time or for everybody, but when it does, it sweeps you up into it's sad beautiful drift towards winter. A track for summers end.  

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