Song of the Day - 9/26/06

People throw "Recommendations" around like they're nothing on the internet, but take my advice on this one.This past summer was a great summer for music. All the different music that I really had time to listen to gave me a great understanding for how much good music actually exists these days. For example, after reading about Lady & Bird back in July or so, they are one of my most recommended bands these days... they're amazing.

Their self-titled debut album was released on June 20th here in Los Estados Unidos and has gone almost unnoticed outside of the blogger's realm, they only have a thousand myspace friends... I know it's really lame, but even decent indie bands have thousands upon thousands and most aren't nearly as good as Lady & Bird. Their music is so pleasing to listen to, it puts me in a trance.

Their album is truly a special one. As their profile confirms, the album is "...certainly not aimed at the preschool set. Far from it. Lady & Bird tells the story of two curious, disembodied creatures who are stuck in the bodies of a pair of grownups."

That should sound really good to you. Please buy their album Lady & Bird (A Children's Story For Adults) if you ever get the chance. From the tragic "Suicide is Painless" to the infectious , indie trip-hop of "See Me Fall"... I RECOMMEND THESE SONGS IN THE MOST SERIOUS WAY.

MP3: Lady & Bird - "Suicide is Painless" (Totally Recommended!)
MP3: Lady & Bird - "See Me Fall" (Ridonkulously Recommended!)

Buy Their Album: Amazon | iTunes
Visit their MySpace for more info.

*Bonus* MP3: Lady & Bird - "Stephanie Says" (Velvet Underground Cover)
*Bonus* MP3: Lady & Bird - "Walk Real Slow"

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