Why I Like Ben Kweller

Today I bring a few Ben Kweller songs that establish why I think he is awesome. Besides for being just generally a good song writer and musician, these songs really did it for me. The first is the song "I Don't Know Why." This isn't the version off the album, this is an older, more acoustic version that I enjoy better than his new one. I listened to it just as much as I listened to Sha Sha (my favorite Ben Kweller album.) The next is his cover of "Ice Ice Baby." That's all I have to say about that. Finally, there is one from his new album, "Thirteen." It's just so beautiful and honest that it's hard not to feel something when you listen to it.

MP3: Ben Kweller - I Don't Know Why (Alternate, More Acoustic Version)

MP3: Ben Kweller - Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice Cover)

MP3: Ben Kweller - Thirteen

Bonus! Mp3!

MP3: Ben Kweller - Sundress (Acoustic)


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