The (New) Canadian Super-Group

My roommate, Andrew, turned 20 yesterday. He asked me if he could make just one post for the people. I stepped down from my throne to grant him his wish... Happy Birthday, Andrew! Enjoy:

The (New) Canadian Super-Group by: Andrew
Seeing as how I recently left that period of my life known as teenagerhood behind, I’m ready to move onto bigger and better things. No more Kids Bop for me. Not that there ever was….

Anyway, Anathallo. I’m here to talk about Anathallo. I had the pleasure of seeing this band over the summer when they opened for and played with The Format. They released their debut album, Floating World, back in February and have been touring mercilessly since then. At the end of October they’ll be back on the road again with Page France (!!!), so make sure to check them.

Here are a few tracks to get you excited… about music.
MP3: Anathallo - "The Bruised Reed" (My personal favorite)
MP3: Anathallo - "By Number"
MP3: Anathallo - "Hoodwink"

Buy Anathallo - Floating World: Amazon | iTunes
Visit their MySpace and their band website.

2 Responses to “The (New) Canadian Super-Group”

  1. # Blogger DudeAsInCool

    Happy Birthday, Andrew. Live it up!  

  2. # Blogger Brendan

    broken social scene will always be my special canadian super group.  

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