Mmm... Bacon...

I think this is funny... it has bacon...


This movie is by far one of the strangest things i've seen in a good while... a good long while.

Pizazz - "Pizazz Is Gonna Give It To Ya'" (NOTE: No downloading neccessary, it's hosted on the Pizazz Home Page.)


Here's a song I recorded one night to fill some space on a CD. It's a cover of Rufus Wainwright song that was actually a cover of a Leonard Cohen song.

Akhil Bhatt - "Hallelujah"

Just to throw all of you off, I'm using TurboUpload instead of RapidShare... just click the link above and it will take you to a screen where you just wait (about 30 seconds or less) and click the link when it appears.


Sometimes I put up links to short movies or music on this blog. It may be confusing the first time you try, so I put together this little tutorial.

How to Download from my links:
  1. click the link - it will transfer you to
  2. scroll down and click on the button that says "free."
  3. scoll down on the new page and see if you have a download ticket
  • if it tells you that too many users are downloading, just hit reload until it says that you have a download ticket
4. If you do have a ticket, it will tell you to wait a certain amount of seconds... be patient
5. As soon as the wait is over a link will appear that you can click on and download!

I know it is tedious, but it's free and it's not very tracable. Thanks for understanding that!


I have a problem... I can't study for shit...
I started my paper at about 2:30 yesterday. I have three pages...
This is ridiculous. In the time I have been in this room trying to work I have:
  1. Learned "Back In Black" by AC/DC on the guitar
  2. Watched countless episodes of Ali G
  3. Read every article on Fark
  4. Ate pizza
  5. Listened to a whole lot of music
  6. Had a slumber party
  7. and the list goes on...
Thanks a lot Doty... Here's a link to an explanation...
This is just like when you waited until the night before to hand in your senior thesis... this is just like that.

I should be working...

"Martin Luther is a fucking joke" by Akhil Bhatt

I have to write this paper about the reformation,

I'd rather be freezing on a gram like I was Hatian.

Martin Luther is a fucking joke

with his sandals and his hooded cloak

definitely wanted on the cock.

I'd beat his ass like
Panther, starring Chris Rock.

That movie also sampled the likings of Chris Tucker,

He and Martin Luther are annoying mother fuckers.

All Martin's could die, if it was up to me,

Except Marting Lawrence in
National Security.


So if you are Martin Luther and you are reading this

I'd direct you to my ass, that is where you should kiss.

I hate all protestants... except Matt Kauth (who claims to be protestant...)

Just Pretend

I just wanted to post to tell everyone about the name of the blog. As you should know, I'm one of the biggest Ben Folds fans I ever (along with David Nyman). I'm kind of a big deal. I named this site after a really great song by The Bens (Folds, Kweller, Lee) called "Just Pretend." Yeah, I know... it's like rocket science...

An interesting story about this one is that Doty, Davis, Nyman and I tried to record this song once and it sounded something like a yak (I've never really heard a Yak, but I assume that they sounded similar). I guess that's not really an interesting story, but it is a story. So... chew on that.

Just click the link to download the song, I hope you enjoy
The Bens - "Just Pretend"

Start Here!!!

This is the beginning of my blog. This is where everyone can go to see what I am up to wherever i go. Hopefully I'll have a digital camera at some point so I can hook you all up with some sick pictures...


So... it is winter already... and it's still October. I'm looking out my window right now and the flakes are ridiculous. It's actually beginning to feel a little more like my good old home of Wisconsin.

This picture is a bit of nostalgia for me... my home in Manitowoc... I'll be home soon, don't worry.

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