The Serious Problem

I knew it would be a bad idea when i started, but i did it anyway... and i still think Ben Folds is the greatest man alive... but i'm a bit concerned with the life of this site at this point. I honestly want you to take the disclaimer seriously, though. I'm going to pull these posts out very soon i think. But everyone should listen to Ben Folds. Thats really all I wanted to do here. I own the stuff, so theres no other reason I would want to put this online other than to get people into the music.

and because it seems to be cute... Love Ben Folds, he is the greatest person alive.

but i'll keep the rare mixes and truth and rumors up.

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  1. # Anonymous Damian

    it's a really Good blog, dude! think it's not really illegal what u do, but that permit to other to know ben folds :) keep it up!!!!!  

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