Coldplay B-Sides

When I saw the music video for "Yellow" on Vh1, I immediately fell in love with the song. Now, I was in 7th grade, but that's besides the point. I have to take into consideration every song that transformed my taste in music to what it is today. When I got Parachutes, I felt like I was one of the few who was really into Coldplay. I got the transcription music for it and everything. Then A Rush of Blood To The Head came out and then they exploded into the music scene (Now I really knew that I wasn't the only one who liked Coldplay). I was a little dissapointed in X&Y, to tell you the truth. I miss the old days of Coldplay when they were new and raw and used more acoustic guitar. If you still miss the good ol' days of Parachutes, then these B-Sides are for you!

Coldplay - Careful Where You Stand
Coldplay - Help is Around the Corner
Coldplay - Shiver (Acoustic)

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  1. # Blogger mrs. chris martin

    was wondering if you still had the B-side? i clicked on the link and it says it has expired. :( lmk? thank you!  

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