Song of the Day - 5/2/06

One of my very few good experiences with the radio (the REAL radio) led me to this song by a band that I really don't know too much about. Hailing from the same place as the god-like Ben Folds, Archers of Loaf were another Chapel Hill band that gained a substantial amount of indie success.

I picked up their debut album Icky Mettle a month or so ago and was really impressed. The outstanding trait of Archers of Loaf is definitely their accessibility. Their influences seem to be something close to Pavement or Weezer. I enjoy the album and this song especially.

The first track on their debut album, Icky Mettle, "Web In Front" is a cool, smart song. It's on repeat, so throw it into your rotation.

Archers of Loaf - "Web In Front"

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  1. # Anonymous Colin

    Awesome, I love AOL and this song. And "Chumming The Oceans" is still one of the most depressing songs I have ever heard.  

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