Tell your friends that we're back...

... and better than ever!

After a musically diverse summer, we're ready to take on with the blog. Expect multiple posts every day! And in honor of our triumphant return, I'll be dropping some albums and EP's off on posts. All you have to do is spread the word about Just Pretend.

You will be hansomely rewarded.

Today I have a great live set by a small Seattle outfit known as Death Cab For Cutie from The Studio X Sessions. There are some great tracks here, such as a version of "Bend to Squares" as well as an amazing version of "Blacking out the Friction." ENJOY!

Death Cab For Cutie - Live at Studio X (Super Recommended!)

1. "The New Year"
2. "Blacking Out The Friction"
3. "Bend To Squares"
4. "Army Corps of Architects

MP3's: Studio X Sessions

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