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Ok, so... what has folk rock been missing?

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, these two really know what they're doing. While others are noodling and hoping to score a nice melody and a few fans, Greenville are entirely their own. Smart finger-picking and clever implementation of the staples of the genre (harmonica, mandolin, etc.) make them a refreshing breath in a sort of music that maintains its form better than most.

Being such a driving force in musical journalism, I got an advance copy (my sister knows a guy) of their new album and am pleased to say that I was floored.

Ryan Bahnaman's voice keeps the whole thing tied together beautifully. While not holding to a regiment of perfection, the small idiosyncrocies make the music so real, it's surreal. The subject matter makes these twenty-year-olds seem like they've been around forever. What would Dylan say?

The best way to describe Greenville is "perfectly-flawed." Never getting too far ahead of themselves, and always honest to the T, Greenville is the most exciting folk project I've heard in a long time. Welcome to Greenville, their debut album, is exactly what you need to hear. Don't doubt them for a second... it's not worth it.

Here's another totally georgeous track:
Greenville - Waiting
Almost reminds you of Kozelek, huh? I love this stuff...

4 Responses to “Greenville”

  1. # Blogger eli

    good stuff, where can one find a copy of the album?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    where are u?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    that guy with the beard totally has a boner. i guess looking into the distance pensively does it for him. nice song too.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    even better in show  

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