Holy Hell...

It has been way too long... I'm also pretty sure we've lost all readership that we once had... but nonetheless, I have more music for your listening pleasure. Lets get it started. Oh... and don't expect this to take off from me, cuz I'm going to Bonnaroo. But I'll clue you in on what's going on there as soon as I get home.
Peace... brownpower.

So Josh Rouse has appeared on about a million Best Of lists and I have denied him the right of a listen for really no apparent reason... maybe I just don't like his name. Well, it turns out that I was very wrong in my choices as Josh Rouse has been my number one listen this past week tallying on my iTunes with a staggering 30 listens since Friday. Take a listen to my new most favorite song, "It Looks Like Love." (Link courtesy of Swoon)

Josh Rouse - "It Looks Like Love"

Josh Rouse has this wierd disco/Spanish/lounge/indie feeling. I've been dying for it and you should be too.

Support Josh:
Buy His Music

Also, get your Josh Rouse fill courtesy of this LiveJournal Community.
They have three of his albums, Dressed Up Like Nebraska (1996), Home (2000) and his new one Subtitulo (2006) which I just bought and I am loving it long time.

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