Medeski, SCOFIELD, Martin and Wood!

I love Medeski, Martin & Wood. They make great music, and are great live. With only three people, they have a surprisingly large sound, especially in terms of jazz. But I'll tell you a secret. On many lonely nights of listening to Combustication and The Dropper, I thought to myself, "Damn, this would probably kick so much more ass if there was a guitar player. A really good, jazz legend guitar player." Then what? MMW finds the best jazz guitar player they can: John Scofield. While MMW was John Scofield's back up band on his 1998 album, A Go Go, this was before they were well known, and that album was really more of a John Scofield album than a MSMW album.

Their new album, Out Louder, was just released, and I can't stop listening to it. It's funky, It's fun, It's soothing, It's Jazz. There are some amazing songs on this album. Cachaca is a great song that exemplifies the avant-garde jazz that MMW is known for, only there is crazy guitar all over it. Julia is a jazzed up cover of John Lennon's famous ode to his mother. Down The Tube is another solid fusionesque song that I can't stop listening to. This album is great because it is also very accessible. Anyone who has any interest in jazz will undoubtedly enjoy this album. It's something that I enjoy, my parents would enjoy, and even my grandparents would enjoy. You should too.

Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood - Cachaca - Out Louder (2006)
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood - Julia - Out Louder (2006) *Beatles Cover* (!!!)
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood - Down The Tube - Out Louder (2006)

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Nov 10 2006 10:00P 9:30 Club - Washington DC
Nov 11 2006 8:30P Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
Nov 12 2006 8:00P Calvin Theatre - Northampton, MA
Nov 14 2006 9:00P Higher Ground - South Burlington, VT
Nov 15 2006 9:00P Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI
Nov 16 2006 7:30P Berklee Performance Center - Boston, MA
Dec 3 2006 8:00P Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS
Dec 4 2006 8:00P The Blue Note - Columbia, MO
Dec 5 2006 8:00P Mississippi Nights - St. Louis, MO
Dec 7 2006 8:00P First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
Dec 8 2006 8:00P Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI
Dec 9 2006 7:30P Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL
Dec 10 2006 8:00P Vogue Theatre - Indianapolis, IN

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