Hotel Lights

Centered around the songs of former Ben Folds Five drummer Darren Jessee, the mellow, indie-pop quartet Hotel Lights also features multi-instrumentalist Chris Badger, bassist Roger Gupton, and drummer Mark Price. Guitarist, pianist, vocalist Jessee formed Hotel Lights after the Ben Folds Five disbanded in 2000. Recorded over a two-week period spent in Virginia, the band's debut eponymous album was released on Bar/None records in 2006. (from AMG)

These guys are gonna be big pretty soon, so... you heard it here people.

The album I have is DRM protected (iTunes) but "The Hotel Lights Sampler" has three songs from their self-titled album, "Hotel Lights"

1. You Come and I Go
2. I Am a Train
3. Small Town Sh*t

Hotel Lights - "Hotel Lights Sampler"

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