[Req] Teddy Gieger - "Underage Thinking"

Honestly, sometimes you hear hype and theory about an artist that you want to believe. Mine came in the form of an online interview somewhere that said, "A voice came on, with guitar... it sounded like John Mayer... only better!"

I went out a show back in October where Teddy Gieger was playing for about forty people... it was nice to hear this young guy playing like he was a legend... I definitely saw the talent... unfortunately... thats a bit unfounded. After picking up his album, the veneer of a prodigal child turns into manufactured tool. That is what Underage Thinking exemplifies. While Gieger definitely has his moments, it is way too hard to see him as a real person and not just a gimmick. Songs like, "For You I Will" and "A Million Years" feel good to listen to, but are definitely really contrived. For a younger guy, I definitely think Gieger is going to have success in his next endevours, but for someone who doesn't even do any of the solos, it's hard to give him all the hype and credit that he's getting. Getting picked up for a TV show and having only the best musicians at his disposal definitely gived Gieger the upper hand on other (and possibly more talented) competitors... but you can tell... so it just ends up looking like vanity and not genuine love for music.

If one sixteen year old deserves fame... it's definitely not that Arctic Monkeys guy, so I guess Gieger wins by default, but this is a definite don't buy for anyone willing to actually analyze the music. But for young teenagers and anyone looking for a really generic, singer-songwriter album... i guess you found it.

Teddy Gieger - Underage Thinking (pass: www.e-junkie.net)
But don't take my word for it... looks like someone found the need to upload it.

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