Sounds Like Fall - "Early Recordings"

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Sounds like Fall is the latest project of indie-folk singer Joe Young. He has recently released his debut album, The Wolf is at the Door on Yer Bird Records. At the same time, he collected his early recordings and made them available on a free on-line album titled, not surprisingly, Early Recordings.

Young plays a reflective, somewhat introvertive form of alt. country and Americana. Comparsions can easily be made to Iron and Wine and Townes Van Zandt but I like to think of him as a country version of Elliott Smith. The acoustic tracks all have a slow and relaxing tempo coupled with Young’s deceptively simple melodies and lyrics. “So Far Away” holds the singer in haunting uncertainty as he intones “I’m Sitting on the front porch singing out Amazing Grace / Never felt so good, never felt so far away”. “Beautiful Little Cigarettes” may be my favorite tracks with its bittersweet lyrics. I also like the delta blues influenced “MS” and the alcohol-soaked melancholy of “Whiskey Bottles and Wine” followed by a heart-felt but almost funereal “Will the Circle be Unbroken”.

I reccomend this if you are into Sufjan Stevens. They maintain the indie-folk attitude with great esteem. Enjoy it... it's better than Geiger.

Early Recordings is available in a full album zip of 192kbp MP3s. If you like the music support the artist by buying his CD. You can get excerpts and 3 full songs from his new album here


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