Song of the Day - 4/19/06

I have no idea what the current lineup for Picastro is right now, but I will tell you that I became interested in this band because Owen Pallett from Final Fantasy was a part of it.

Picastro, at one point, was only a cello and a guitar duo consisting of Stephanie Vittas (cello) and Kurt Newman (guitar). After sometime, different lineups and styles were used. Pallett played viola for some time before leaving to pursue his other projects (Final Fantasy and Les Mouches). After I began listening to Picastro, however, it was clear that they had more going for them than Owen Pallett. A solid indie effort, Picastro strikes its listeners with stark realism. Sometimes quite abstract and always powerful, Picastro is a great band in its own respect.

Today's song of the day is "Sharks" from their latest album Metal Cares. It's not always easy to understand, but definitely makes an impression about Picastro's style and the flavor of their music. Give it a try...

Picastro - "Sharks"

Also, there is an interesting article on their website about free music downloads. Check it out.

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