Clem Snide - A Beautiful EP (Album)

Orignally I wanted to get this EP for their amazing cover of Christina Aguilera's #1 hit, "Beautiful." After a few more listens, I realized that Clem Snide is pretty good. Eef's narrative lyrics are nice little stories. One of the songs, "Mike Kalinksy" is about this kid in high school who had asthma and listens to Joy Division in his room because he's a dork and everyone makes fun of him. There's another one about a Nick Drake tape. I reccommend listening to the whole EP, not just the cover of "Beautiful."

Clem Snide - A Beautiful EP (Album)

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  1. # Blogger Ant

    Pretty good cover of The Velvet Undergrounds - I'll be your mirror, as well.
    Very mountain goaty sounding. If you know what I mean!

    Excellent little EP that  

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