Death Cab For Cutie - "Death Cab For Fiver 7" "

Hey, sorry it's been so long since I was here, but between finals, partying and finding an active hi-speed connection, well... bestimitationofmyself did an amazing job, no?

Here I have a treat for all you Death Cab fans. From what I know, before Death Cab For Cutie and after All-Time Quarterback! there was Death Cab For Fiver. I wish I could five everyone the drop on the story of the name change, but I have no damn clue. Instead, I will let these lo-fi gems tell you instead.

Death Cab For Cutie - "Death Cab For Fiver 7" "
1. Spring Break Broke
2. Sleep Tight

And for all you who don't have anything better to do... try finding a copy of this ep in print... you can't. It's toally defunct.

3 Responses to “Death Cab For Cutie - "Death Cab For Fiver 7" "”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    actually, they were always death cab for cutie...fiver is another band that they did this split with (thus called the "death cab for fiver" 7"). hope that clears it up!  

  2. # Blogger brownpower

    thanks much!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i have a copy of this vinyl, i have copy 283/500. it is almost impossible to find now. if any one is interested in buying it, let me know. im trying to clean out my record collection. email me at  

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