Collaborating with the Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips have stood the test of time with their very distinct sound. They have a habit of making things sound very strange and beautiful at the same time. Just think how fun it would be to work with them. There'd probably be a bunch of elephants and balloons and dancers and other sorts of things like that floating around. Today I have some tracks that are collaborations between another artists and The Flaming Lips. The first track is a cover of a Daniel Johnston Song for the Late Great Daniel Johntson tribute CD (which is very good, by the way). The next one is one with the Chemical Brothers. The last is done with Thievery Corporation. Wayne's voice really makes all of these tracks what they are.

Sparklehorse with the Flaming Lips - Go
Chemical Brothers (ft. the Flaming Lips) - The Golden Path
Thievery Corporation - Marching the Hate Machines Into the Sun (Featuring the Flaming Lips)

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