Rare Shins!

Here's some great unreleased Shins b-sides and rarities! These songs don't show up on anything I could find or even anything in print! (i.e. Wicker Park OST) If theres an issue with these tracks, just send me a shout and we'll talk it out! I love you all.

First off is an alternate version of what may be my favorite Shins song, "Gone For Good."
Not sure where it was recorded, but it's awesome!
The Shins - "Gone For Good (Alternate Version)

Next is an awesome version of "New Slang." Why is it great? Because it's with IRON AND WINE!
The Shins and Iron & Wine - "New Slang"

Third, we have a James Mercer solo live song called "Won Too Many Fights." Good shit.
James Mercer - "Won One Too Many Fights"

Now for some b-sides:
The Shins - "Sphagnum Esplanade" = this is a weird attempt by the Shins. It might hit fans in a strange place...

The Shins - "The Gloating Sun" = more of that happy, fun Shins that we all know.

The Shins - "Mild Child"= something more mellow, kinda dark.

The Shins - "They'll Soon Discover" = slowly becoming one of my favorite Shins tunes, you'll dig it.

13 Responses to “Rare Shins!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    man, thanks so much for all the work you do on this site. Like probably most of the people who visit this site, I hate paying for my music. I absolutely hate it. I cant stand it. I mean, how dare those stupid bands ask for my money? Who do they think they are? I would much rather spend my money on tacos and stuff. This is an easy way for me to get my free stuff which I deserve without feeling guilty. I always feel guilty when i go to p2ps. So this is a great alternative. Screw those bands and their lexus sports hovercrafts. Give me your music, dont give me your freaking attitudes. Right? Ha. Keep sticking it to them. Those jerks!  

  2. # Anonymous David I.

    haha. umm. i'm having a hard time telling if you are being sarcastic or not. i'm kinda sensing not... i don't think that JustPretend is trying to stick it to anyone. I think that they are saying, take a listen to the music and if you like what you hear, support the band. But hey, whatever you say. Fuck musicians trying to make a living! If they want to make cash, they should be making my tacos and stuff! Just kidding anonymous--you know i love ya.  

  3. # Blogger brownpower

    all these songs are either live or arent on any albums... i don't see what the issue is... other blogs (decent blogs) do it all the time!  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous
  5. # Blogger brownpower

    yeah, but some of thos songs are on ep's and albums. such as: We Will Become Silhouettes and When I Goosestep. That's why I didnt post those songs... got it? But if you, for some reason believe that this is an actual album, get me the link where I can buy it and then I'll be sure to rethink all of this.  

  6. # Blogger Man on Fire

    You have a great site. Too bad this links have expired. But thank you for your posts. They are great!!!  

  7. # Blogger Kit

    aw, nice b-sides! excellent blog.

    check out mine?


  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hehe, "They'll Soon Discover" is a song they did for the Spongebob Squarepants movie! :P


  9. # Anonymous nai

    You have a very nice siteĀ“,I love the bands you talk about,and I agree with you in many things.
    So nice the bsides of the shins.


    Greetings from vasc country  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    can you upload the songs again, they're gone...


  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the password is to the zip file in Anonymous' megaupload link?

    Please and thank you.  

  12. # Blogger sara

    i love the shins
    can't anonymous just use limewire or something, not that hard to download free music.  

  13. # Anonymous That kid with good info

    The links have expired. Although, Gone For Good(Alt Ver.)and Mild Child are on the So Says I EP, the live version of New Slang with Iron & Wine is on the Fighting In a Sack EP, and the tracks Sphagnum Esplanade and The Gloating Sun can be found on the "Fly for a Home" fan-made album which includes a majority of their rare songs including those when they were Flake Music which I absolutely love. It can be found here. http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4614449/The_Shins_-_Fly_For_A_Home_(Unreleased_and_Rare)  

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