Henry Rollins: Badass, Uncensored.

Bush-bashing, hard-rocking, corporate-hating badass Henry Rollins, member of Black Flag, October Faction and The Henry Rollins Band and host of the greatest talk show/forum on television (The Henry Rollins Show) has been something that I make sure to watch whenever I can.

If you get The Independent Film Channel (IFC) then you should be tuning to that channel whenever you can. They have brought great indie outings such as Lonesome Jim and Waking Life to theaters lately and also bring the coolest in culture and music as well.

Reader Jeff shot me an email today to tell me about the killer set that everyone's' favorite band, Death Cab For Cutie, will play on Saturday's Henry Rollins show. In the past, Rollins has made it a point to bring great musical guests onto the show and let them play to studio-quality output so that the viewer and the band both come out of it feeling as if that was an amazing set. As an avid listener and viewer of music, I can't possibly tell you how many times I feel like a show or performance could have been great if not for the inferior fidelity of the music... Rollins knows exactly what's up.

From Sleater-Kinney, Ben Harper, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jurassic 5 all the way down to my personal lord and savior, Ben Folds, Rollins brings only the best and most original onto his show. Take a look at some of the better performances at this site.


Be sure to check it out for the music, but also the great rants and interviews on Saturdays at 10 p.m. Eastern and Encores on Thursdays at 11 p.m. Eastern on IFC, it's bound to be awesome.

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