Song of the Day - 5/22/06

We know it's been a while, and we apologize. Things have been hectic lately and none of us have been around to update. We're sorry, okay. Please don't get all worked up about it. It's really not our fault it's just the way that this month falls and how it doesn't end on a Sunday. It's just really complicated; you wouldn't understand. But anyway, here's a pretty cool Flaming Lips cover. I like Iron & Wine, and I like the Flaming Lips and I like covers so I guess this is a pretty cool song. Of course it is in traditional folky I&W style, but Sam does a nice job of making this song his own.

Iron & Wine - Waiting for Superman (Flaming Lips Cover)

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  1. # Blogger John Kenneth Cox

    I need this song to be reposted. Please  

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