Raconteurs Exclusive Sessions!

Hey there, I've got a bit of a treat for everyone with some new cuts of Raconteurs tracks thanks to their German Fansite. The first is a live XFM Studio session where they perform great versions of some of their tunes from the album. Here's the tracklist for "XFM Sessions":
  1. Level
  2. Intimate Secretary
  3. Steady, As She Goes
  4. Together
  5. Hands
Just download the full show in one .zip file:
The Raconteurs - "The XFM Sessions"

Also, here's an audio transcript of a session the Raconteurs did with AOL's new attempt to not be useless. It's called The Interface, and this session kicks a bunch of ass. (From the Raconteurs' German Site)
The Raconteurs - "Sessions at AOL's The Interface"
Enhanced iTunes Version
The Raconteurs - "Sessions at AOL's The Interface iTunes Exclusive Podcast"

Finally, and my favorite is the two part stand that the Raconteurs had at BBC Studios. In order to hear the killer interviews and stories, you're going to want to download the FULL SESSION and not the individual tracks. It's a totally awesome session with a lot of input from all four of the guys. Also, listen to the awesome solo on "Intimate Secretary." AND (lucky you) there's a track that isn't on the album! It's a cover (!!!) of a David Bowie/Roy Davies song called "It Ain't Easy." Enjoy!

The Raconteurs - "Session's at BBC"
Part 1:
  1. Store Bought Bones
  2. Call It A Day
  3. Intimate Secretary
  4. FULL SESSION (Entire PART 1 of BBC Session)
Part 2:
  1. Steady, As She Goes
  2. It Ain't Easy (David Bowie Cover)
  3. FULL SESSION (Entire PART 2 of BBC Session)

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