Song of the Day - 5/16/06

Goddamn it's good to hear some new Folds.

If you know me, you know that my #1 favorite artist is by far, Ben Folds. As he grows older, his music changes as he grows. So here he is, turning 40 in September, a handful of bands behind him, six full length albums, four ep's and countless compositions outside of that. Finally, he his happily married and two kids, twins. Folds, a family man, was obviously looking of a way to treat his children and also his own inner child when he decided to co-compose the soundtrack to the new CGI romp, Over The Hedge.

On the soundtrack, Folds features three new songs, one cover of a very cool The Clash song and a remix of one of his older singles "Rockin' the Suburbs," featuring his good friend William Shatner this time. It's fun for the whole family.

A lot of the die hard Folds fans are getting turned off by this, thinking he took the sellout route, but Folds is the man, and there's no selling out in having fun. Track of the day is the ballad and overture for the movie entitled, "Still." It kicks ass and makes me feel damn good.

Ben Folds - "Still (reprise)" (From Over The Hedge)

Now check out this live version from a concert in Madison where he explains the real meaning of the song... download it... it's about potheads and all that....

Ben Folds - "Still (The Turtles Song)" Recorded March 11, 2006 at the Madison, WI Orpheum.

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