Guillemots: Awesome band... really hard to pronounce, though.

These guys are really cool. Everyone I ask about them seems to either think that they're totally great or just trying to be Coldplay (so wrong...). Personally, I feel like Guillemots have their own distinct sound and really just need to be given a chance. The great part about them is that the band doesn't just consist of old friends that like to jam, it's made of a multinational group with multinational musical backgrounds. When a classical pianist, a Canadian double-bassist, Scottish drummer and Brazilian guitarist join forces, the product can be, at worst, extremely interesting and at best (in this case) something moving.

Their latest release, Through the Window Pane as well as their upcoming Trains To Brazil (Released Sept. 11) were both released this year as an EP entitled From the Cliffs. If anything, these guys are ambitious, and that is one of the best qualities you could have in music today. Enjoy music by Guillemots here, and buy their albums too... because they are good.

MP3: Guillemots - "Made Up Love-Song #43"
MP3: Guillemots - "Trains to Brazil"

Buy Guillemots: Amazon | Fantastic Plastic

Bonus! MP3: Guillemots - "Who Left The Lights Off, Baby?"

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