Page France on KEXP (EP/Set Installment #5) and HOT NEWS!

Continuing in our new tradition of... this, here's another great set from the great live shows at KEXP.

Page France is one of my favorite bands of the past year (thanks to YANP) and have followed them so closely it's ridiculous. Michael Nau is one of the most interesting writers out there, in my opinion. His voice wraps around his great songs in a way that few can do and still seem serious. Enjoy this great set and be sure to take note of the interviews as well... it's worth it.

Page France - Live on KEXP (Full ZIP File)

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In other Michael Nau related news, YANP (My FAVORITE real music blog ever) has given us the lowdown on Broadway Hush, the adorable new side-project between Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw (who are both actually in Page France). Check out their cover of Gene Austin's "Tonight You Belong to Me."

Broadway Hush (via You Ain't No Picasso)

MP3: Page France - "Million Man, Money Hand"
Mp3: Page France - "Passengers Laughing"

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