Song of the Day - 9/19/06

My awesome new roommate just made me listen to Doolittle again and it just reminded me why I liked the Pixies so much. A soft verse and some loud chorus action is just what you need sometimes. I'm certainly not as familiar with these guys as he is, but I can see why they have some of the best fans ever. From songs like "Debaser" to the holiness that is "Hey," I just want to tell you all to BUY THIS ALBUM. It is crazy that I never listened to it in its entirety and now I might just get murdered for saying it...

The whole album is a journey through the minds of these true artists. I recommend it more than anything else today.

MP3: Pixies - "Hey" (AMAZING)
MP3: Pixies - "Debaser"
MP3: Pixies - "I Bleed"

Buy Doolittle: Amazon | iTunes

*Bonus MP3: Pixies - "Here Comes Your Man"
*Bonus MP3: Pixies - "Mr. Grieves"

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