Song of the Day - 9/9/06

I heard about this one from Cox and I must say that it's growing on me. This is how the story goes, I think:

Before forming the band Semisonic, famous for the song "Closing Time," Dan Wilson and John Munson had a band called Trip Shakespeare. Putting out a demo, three albums and an EP between 1986 and 1992, the group began to gain credit on the college radio circut. Unfortunately, the band's original roster broke before too much critical acclaim began to surface. This song is from their last album entitled Lulu.

Mainly focused on the mellow and chill, Trip Shakespeare is a solid group of guys. I would urge you to go out and find the album if you can... but don't take my word for it... AMG says this:
"It is a rare instance in the music industry, major label or otherwise, to hear an album created by a group so obviously enchanted and inspired by each other, an album so loved and so toiled over that its contents continue to give indefinitely, an album so steeped in worshiping beauty that no amount of criticism-—positive or negative-—can mangle or tarnish its crystalline brilliance."

Trip Shakespeare - "If You Miss Me"

Buy the albums: Amazon | iTunes

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